Electrical Panel Main Breaker Safety

Breaker shutoff safety

The main breaker of the electrical panel of your home controls all the power supplied to your home. If something goes wrong with it, the result can be violent and tragic. 

We have seen situations where small parts inside breakers have been known to fall out of the breaker and connect with the power bar behind it. If this touches, the energy that is misdirected is like a grenade exploding, sending out high velocity shards of hot metal and plastic. 

When turning the main breaker on or off, it is critical that safety procedures be strictly followed:

  • Wear a long sleeved cotton shirt (no polyester) and work gloves.  
  • Identify the main breaker you need to shut off. 
  • Place your hand firmly on the breaker to ensure you maintain control of it. Reposition your body so that it is entirely beside the panel, Turn your face away from the electrical panel ( this is why your hand is already holding the breaker switch ) Pull the switch firmly to the opposite position.