Doc's Club Membership

Home Electrical Maintenance

It's important to have a licenced electrician inspect your home’s electrical system on a regular basis to protect your family and your home.

Switch and Outlet Inspection
Switch and Outlet Inspection

When you become a Doc’s Club member, you will receive savings on all of your electrical work and you will also earn Doc's Dollars that you can apply to any future electrical work for a full 3 years.

We have had the privilege getting to know and work for many of our Doc’s Club Members for several years and consider them part of our extended family.

Doc's Club Membership Benefits

Waived Dispatch Fee 

At any time that you require our services during your 3 year membership, you can take advantage our NO DISPATCH FEE for Doc’s Club Members. This benefit alone usually pays for the entire membership.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm inspection
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm inspection
3 Annual Check-Ups 

As a Doc’s Club Member your annual check up will include tension testing on receptacles, a complimentary battery change in your smoke/co detectors and a state-of-the-art ElectroVision thermal scan of your panel to ensure no breaker has deteriorated.

10% Savings on All Work 

Our Doc’s Club Members are very important to us. Because of this commitment we are proud to look after the electrical health of your home and offer you a 10% savings on all of your electrical work.

Earn Doc's Dollars on every purchase! 

For every $35 you spend with The Shock Doctors you will earn one Doc's Dollar. Doc's Dollars can be applied to all future electrical services within your Membership period.

Exclusive Specials 

From time to time, you will be able to take advantage of Special Offers and Exclusive Discounts only offered to our Doc's Club Members.

A Home Value Booster 

Your Doc’s Club Membership is transferable to a new home if you move within the 3 years. (within our service area) Or, if you are moving out of the area you can transfer it to the new owners of your home - which is a great selling feature!