Need an Electrician for Hot Tub Wiring Problems

When you need an electrician for hot tub wiring problems, it typically due to a breaker repeatedly tripping. When contacted about this type of problem a hot tub supplier will usually suggest that you need an electrician who can check out the wiring before they will send a hot tub repairman.

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When your electrician arrives at the site he will ask the question – “Does your breaker trip every time the hot tub starts or calls for heat or is it intermittent?”

If the breaker trips every time the most probable culprit is the hot tub itself— but it needs to be proven. Your electrician should disconnect the wiring at the hot tub connection box to isolate the electronics. The circuit will be re-energized and if the breaker does not trip, the wiring between the electrical distribution panel and the hot tub is not the problem. Next, a load will be temporarily connected to the hot tub-feed wiring. If the breaker does not trip then the problem is definitely in the hot tub. If the breaker trips, then the problem is the breaker. Important fact: Every time a GFCI breaker trips, it loses a little more of its service life. Even if the problem is the hot tub, the breaker should be replaced after the hot tub is repaired.

If the breaker trips intermittently, the only way to determine if the problem is the tub or the breaker is to replace the breaker. If the intermittent tripping stops – it was the breaker. If it continues – it was the tub.

There are two likely causes to failures of electrical components in hot tubs. The first is corrosion in the electronics from hot tub chemicals or leaking water. Water can short out the connections. The second cause of electrical component failure is an electrical surge that has damaged the electronics. You need an electrician who is experienced in methodical troubleshooting to isolate problems related to tripped breakers.