What Should I do with an ESA List of Deficiencies?

There are 5 common reasons for receiving an ESA List of Deficiencies from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

ESA List of Deficiencies

ESA List of Deficiencies

  1. Your insurance company has requested that the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) perform a General Inspection to renew, or obtain home insurance.
  2. While inspecting an electrical permit pulled on your property the ESA noticed that there were other hazardous conditions that needed to be addressed.
  3. Cross referencing a building permit on your property shows that electrical work performed should have had an electrical inspection permit pulled.
  4. You requested a General Inspection for your own peace of mind.
  5. A tenant has requested that their premises be inspected.

You will be given a time limit (usually 30 days) to rectify the problem, or the power to your home might be disconnected. If the inspector has noted life-threatening hazards it may be disconnected immediately.

The steps you must complete after receiving an ESA List of Deficiencies
  1. Once you have selected a contractor make certain that a permit is filed immediately. This shows due diligence on your part and in almost all cases will stay a disconnect order from the Electrical Safety Authority.
  2. When the work is complete a Certificate of Inspection will be issued.
  3. If a condition of a sale is a home inspection, make sure that you provide the home inspector with a copy of the Certificate of Inspection.

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