Residential Aluminum Wiring Repair Services 

The Shock Doctors provide professional aluminum wiring repair services with solutions to make your aluminum wiring permanently safe. Our electricians will perform a thorough assessment of your aluminum wiring system and will work with you to determine which of one of the 3 ESA approved options are best to make your home’s wiring safety-compliant.

Ontario Electrical Safety Authority Approved Options for Rejuvenation of Aluminum Wiring

There are different approved options for replacing aluminum wiring in your home. These are as follows:

Aluminum Wiring

Rewiring in copper is the most complete and permanent recommended procedure. Costs related to a project of this nature can be kept to a minimum with expert planning, especially if it is coordinated with other major renovations. This is the perfect time to upgrade outdated receptacles and switches to a sleek new look. There are additional benefits related to the value of your home and to your insurance when all of the aluminum has been removed and replaced with copper. Total re-wiring in copper provides complete peace of mind by bringing your entire electrical system in line with the most current edition of the Electrical Safety Code of Ontario.


The AlumiConn™ connector is a complete and permanent solution for aluminum rejuvenation.

The result is a splice that is safer, cooler, more reliable, and more secure than any other connection available today. The connectors are prefilled with silicone which will not deteriorate over time unlike regular antioxidant compounds. Each connection is made using a highly accurate torque screwdriver to eliminate the risk of over-tightening (nicking the aluminum) on installation.

If the existing aluminum branch circuit wiring is in good shape, the investment in an AlumiConn™ rejuvenation for a fraction of the cost of re-wiring is an excellent option to improve the electrical safety of your home.


“Pig-tailing” with an approved aluminum rated wire connector and antioxidant compound is the third choice. Light switches and receptacle connections are made by attaching a small piece of copper wire (a pigtail) to the device and then joining the copper wire to the existing aluminum wire with an approved aluminum rated wire connector. Pig-tailing requires great care and expertise when rejuvenating the connections and is not as permanent as the other two options because the antioxidant compound degrades and disappears over time.

Aluminum is less pliable than copper and small hairline cracks develop if the wire is bent too often. This leads to overheating and creates a fire hazard.

Pig-tailing is an acceptable method of rejuvenation to meet the minimum requirements of many insurance companies but should not be considered a permanent alternative.

Regardless of the rejuvenation method chosen, existing receptacles should not be used. This is the time to update your style and colour of receptacles and switches to reflect your taste and ensure a long lasting repair.

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All aluminum wiring rejuvenation work requires an Electrical Safety Authority permit. The application for the permit must be the submitted by the person or company that performs the work. Never take out a permit in your own name if you are not completing the work yourself.