Use Your Portable Generator to Power Your Home Safely with a Generlink

Generlink Installed by The Shock Doctors
Generlink Installed by The Shock Doctors

A GenerLink™ is a safe and convenient way to feed the power made by your portable generator into your home. The GenerLink™ allows you to feed the power to your existing wiring through your existing electrical panel.

There are a wide variety of portable generators that are available for customers to purchase. The quality of the power produced by the portable generator is an important factor to consider. If the voltage output is too low, it can cause any motors running to overheat. If the voltage output is too high, it can damage sensitive electronics. 

What Size of Generator do I need?

To maximize your generator’s power quality, we recommended that your generator have automatic voltage regulation.  Electronic voltage regulation is preferred over capacitor or condenser types.

Your generator can be any size, as long as it is equipped with a 30 amp or 50 amp connector.

Generlink is not rated to be compatible with larger current outputs and will electronically disconnect if your output exceeds 50 amps.

You will want to choose a generator that has a large enough capacity to operate your large appliances and appliances with motors. Remember, you can always rotate different appliances on and off as necessary.

    When selecting a generator to connect to your house, you should ensure that the generator:
    • Will not damage sensitive electronic appliances/equipment
    • provides the capability to start large motor loads such as a well pump, or furnace motor
    • Has a 120/240-volt connector(s) and
    • Has the necessary 30-amp or 50 amp receptacle required to connect to GenerLink. The Generlink is installed behind the electric meter.

    As a guide, GenerLink should be used with a generator that has the following features:
    • A peak rating sufficient to start the largest motor you will be running during an outage
    • An automatic voltage regulator
    • Low oil shut down
    • L-1430 twist lock receptacle for 30 amp, or a 14-50 straight receptacle for a 50 amp.

    Generlink installed behind the electric meter
    Generlink installed behind the electric meter

    Benefits of a GenerLink™

    • Provides a safe and solid connection from your generator to your electrical panel
    • Installs permanently behind the electric meter for quick access in an outage
    • Allows customers to run virtually any appliance up to capacity of their generator
    • Connection at the meter keeps your portable generator outside where it’s safe
    • Eliminates the use of extension cords and other hazardous connections throughout your home
    • Detects when the generator is operating and automatically disconnects from the utility grid
    • Eliminates dangerous power back-feed that would harm linesmen working on the system
    • Different cord lengths available for convenience
    • Our GenerLink installations come with a 7 year warranty & Surge Protection.