How to Choose a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan tips

Getting the right size of fan is very important: A small 8’x10′ room is best served by a ceiling fan that is 29-36″ wide. Rooms up to 12×12 are better with a 36-42″ wide fan, and 18’x20 ‘ rooms can be serviced by a 50-54″ fan or two smaller, well-placed fans.
Optimum air circulation is obtained by careful placement; the target to aim for is to mount the fan in the center of the room with the blades 8-9 feet from the floor. Mount extensions are available from 6 inches to 10 feet on most models to help you get to that 8 to 9 foot height.

When choosing your fan, there are a number of design options to look at: Blades placed on a greater angle will move more air. A larger motor will last longer because it more easily handles the air resistance against the paddles. Most fans can be adapted to remote controllers to make it much easier to adjust the comfort right from the bed or chair.

A last note; it has become popular to hang ceiling fans in verandahs, and gazebos. Indoor and outdoor fixtures are not interchangeable. Make sure your fan and wiring are rated specifically for outdoor use.