Should I Buy a House with Aluminum Wiring?

Aluminum Wiring

If you are considering buying a house that has aluminum wiring, there are some things to consider before you proceed. We have put a list of questions and answers together that you should ask before making your decision.

Q: Will your Insurance Company insure a House with Aluminum Wiring?

A: If the answer is no, you might not want to purchase the house. If you decide that you still want to buy the house, you will need to find out the premium on temporary insurance until the house is rewired in copper.

Rewiring a house can range from $25 to $50 per finished square foot. This price will depend on the complexity of the circuitry and the lighting. It is important to get a firm quotation before making your decision.

Q: Will your Insurance Company accept rejuvenation of the existing Aluminum Wiring?

A: If the answer is no you will need to find an Insurance Company who will accept rejuvenation. If you are not able to, you will have to plan to rewire, or not purchase the house.

If the answer is yes you have two options:

1. Rejuvenate with Alumiconn connections which carry a 10 year guarantee, or 

2. “Pigtailling” which carries a 3 year guarantee.

Both of these options must come with an Electrical Safety Authority Certificate of Inspection. This will prove that the work was professionally done with approved materials. Your Insurance Company will request a copy of this Certificate once the work is completed.

Q: How much does it cost for Aluminum Rewiring or Rejuvenation?
Aluminum Wiring Repair Services
Aluminum Wiring Repair Services

A: In order to provide you with an accurate quote on aluminum rewiring or rejuvenation we will visit your home and complete an assessment of the aluminum wiring.

We will provide you with a list of rewiring or rejuvenation options, and a firm quote for the cost of the repairs.

We will explain the options available, and answer any questions that you may have.

Q: What proof will I have that the work has been properly completed?

A: After completing a rewiring or rejuvenation project, we will provide you with the following documents:

  1. An ESA Certificate of Inspection for the work completed. We will also arrange for the ESA inspection to be completed on the final day we are on the project.
  2. A written guarantee (transferable to future owners) for the work completed.
  3. A Letter of Compliance stating that we have completed the work and the system now meets The Electrical Safety Authority standards.
Q: Will rewiring create damage that I will have to repair?

A: No. It is not an issue when you have The Shock Doctors perform your rewiring project. We work with a team of carpenters, insulation specialists and interior finishers. We make sure that your project is left in move-in condition. This service is included in our quoted fee.

In Conclusion

The Electrical Safety Authority will not force anyone to replace the aluminum wiring in their home unless the system is faulty. There are prescriptive measures in the Code for dealing with aluminum wiring.

Rewiring and upgrading is usually required by Insurance Companies. They have data on the hazards of aluminum wiring, and base their decisions on this data.