How To Find an Electrician for Residential Wiring

Browsing the web searching for a licensed electrical contractor to install the new lighting for your kitchen renovation can be a daunting task. Many people ask how to find an electrician who will respect your home, do damage free wiring installations and provide you with suggestions based on qualified experience?

How to Find an Electrician for Residential Wiring:

Residential Wiring First

How to Find an Electrician

Hire residential specialists for your home

Don’t hire the company that advertises “Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential Service”. Residential work is their last priority. If they do show up to your home, there is a good chance there will be no protective equipment for your floors and counters; no respect for the finish of your home Their focus will be on doing the job as fast as possible, not as carefully as possible.

You will hear these disappointing words. “We had to make a few access holes, but no worries, your drywaller can fix ’em right up. ” That is all well and good, but you had no need for a drywall repair person and painter until these people showed up.

If they are not residential wiring experts they may suggest upgrades like 6″ pot lights and fluorescent cabinet lighting that were hot items in the ’80’s when they first were apprentices.

Evidence of Residential Wiring Experience

An ad that highlights a company’s fleet of bucket trucks, pole installation trailers and excavating equipment disqualifies that company even if residential work is mentioned in the ad.

Investigate the company that advertises it exclusively does residential electrical wiring. Check the website for references, pictures of projects, qualifications of the electricians. Communicate with the company and find out what it’s specialities are, and make sure they are in line with your requirements. For example a company that wires new homes in subdivisions certainly is a residential specialist, but it does not specialize in renovations what you need.

Common sense and communication will serve you well. Determine what you need, narrow your choice based on your need down to a couple of candidates and go with the licenced electrical contractor that makes you the most comfortable.