What Do I Do If I Suspect The Electrical Work In My Home Has Been Illegally Done?

It is a very common occurrence to find additions and alterations made to a home’s electrical system. The chances of this increase with the age of the home as people’s electrical requirements grow.

In order for the wiring in your home to be legal, each addition involving wiring that is added must be completed using the most current code requirements available at the time of addition and must have had an Electrical Safety Authority permit and inspection. If you are concerned that the electrical work in your home may have been done illegally, you can check to see if a permit is on record. As the registered on title owner of your home you may contact the Electrical Safety Authority by phone 1-877 – ESA – SAFE and they will provide to you the information needed to make a request to obtain the inspection history of your property. (ESA Request for Record Search) If there is no history, and you know work has been done in the home, it is illegal and needs to be rectified.

Alternatively you may contact the Electrical Safety Authority and request a general inspection of your home. Please be aware that it is a “general” inspection and not a “comprehensive” inspection. Obvious deficiencies will be pointed out and you will receive documentation in the mail requiring you to engage the services of a qualified, licensed electrical contractor to correct the deficiencies. The contractor will take a permit out for the work and you will have proper documentation. There is a 30 day time limit to get these deficiencies repaired, so you must be serious about getting them done or you will be disconnected from the power supply on Day 31.

Electrical Inspection

Complete electrical inspection

As well, you may engage a qualified, licenced electrical contractor, who specializes in residential wiring to do a whole home inspection and prepare a report for you. A professional electrician will document, in writing and pictures, exactly what is a deficiency in your home and provide a firm quotation for its rectification. These reports are always more “comprehensive” in depth than the Electrical Safety Authority reports and will result in a completely safe, well maintained home after any re-mediation has been performed.