What Electrical Equipment Can I Economically Automate In My Home?

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Saving money on your hydro bill is a past time for many people and borders on obsession with a few. Utility companies throughout Barrie, Orillia and Muskoka charge higher rates for peak period times compared with low-usage times. Controlling your electrical equipment automatically saves you money on your electric bill by removing human error.

Here are 10 pieces of electrical equipment that can be economically automated in your home electrical system.

  1. Digital, programmable thermostats are available for all heating systems, including baseboard heaters.
  2. Thermostat control can be added to any outdoor outlet to make sure block heaters, plumbing heat trace cables or roof de-icing cables only come on when needed.
  3. Water heater timers are available for electrical, gas fired or oil fired hot water tanks.
  4. Lights and outlets that are installed in outbuildings that are wired to your home electrical system can have remote control added.
  5. Photo-sensors can be installed in any outdoor light fixture so they automatically come on at dusk/off at dawn.
  6. Any light switch can be replaced with a programmable timer.
  7. Any light switch can be replaced with an occupancy sensor.
  8. NEST and ECOBEE thermostats can be controlled remotely by your smart phone.
  9. Timers are available for all pool heaters.
  10. NEST smoke/CO detectors will send all alerts to your smart phone.

BONUS! 3 automated items that aren’t so economical, but are important to your home’s well being.

  1. Rogers and other telecommunication specialists provide security systems that provide real-time visual monitoring to your smart phone, allow you to adjust heat and lock/unlock doors remotely.
  2. Back up sump pumps that use no electricity to run. These pumps rely on water pressure from the municipal system to get rid of sump water.
  3. Automatic starting whole home generator with remote monitoring so you know if it is running while you are away.

EXTRA BONUS!! 2 automated items that are extravagant, but are nifty to have.

  1. Automatic driveway snow melting cables.
  2. Automatic driveway lights that sense pedestrian and auto traffic presence.