10 Reasons A Self-Starting Home Generator Will Become Essential Equipment For A Home

Automatic Self Starting Whole Home Generators

Here are 10 reasons why Automatic Self Starting Whole Home Generators will become, by the end of this decade, as common in homes as Air Conditioning is now.

1. Many people rely on home medical equipment that must be kept running.

2. Many people work from home and must have their computer and telecommunication centers available 24/7

3. Climate change has created violent weather patterns that can take out the power grid at any time for days on end.

4. People living on properties not connected to municipal services must have water pumped into their home and waste pumped out.

5. People want to be sure they have heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.

6. The underground natural gas piping grid is naturally protected and very reliable while the overhead electrical supply grid is victim to every wayward tree branch. Sometimes for days on end.

7. There are not enough hydro service people to effectively and quickly put the grid back on line after an outage.

8. No confidence in the ability of solar or wind turbines to generator reliable power.

9. Little capital investment by utility companies to upgrade aging power systems.

10. Insurance companies will provide lower premiums for generator protected homes. Especially for homes that require electricity to run the security system.

Although no one can really predict the future, it is likely that more and more multi-generational families will be living together in the coming years and those families will require reliable constant power with no interruptions available only with automatic self starting whole home generators.