Programmable Thermostats

Nine reasons Digital and Programmable Thermostats are better:

  1. All programmable thermostats use digital technology to sense the ambient temperature and are bullet-like in their accuracy. Even using one with no set back program will save about 10% on your heating/cool costs.
  2. Set it and forget it. The most complicated programs you can think of will still take less than 30 minutes of your time. Once it’s done it’s done.
  3. The programs can be overridden with the push of a button. The program will return to normal on the next scheduled change.
  4. NEST and ECOBEE products can be monitored and modified by your smart phone, from anywhere in the world.
  5. Aggressive programming can reduce heat/cool up to 25%.
  6. Vacations/extended absences can be programmed.
  7. Programmable thermostats are available for all types of heat systems, including electric baseboards.
  8. Your heating/cooling system will last longer because its running time is reduced.
  9. You will have “thought globally and acted locally” in reducing the carbon footprint.

The installation of programmable thermostats controlling low voltage gas, oil or electric forced air furnaces or boilers is a home-owner friendly task.

Programmable Thermostats

The installation of programmable thermostats controlling line voltage electric heating products such as baseboard or fan-forced heaters are best left to a Licenced Electrical Contractor who will take out an Electrical Safety Authority permit and provide a Certificate of Inspection for the project. This is necessary because certain precautions need to be followed when installing these thermostats on an aluminum wiring system and failure to recognize and follow these precautions created a fire hazard.

The Shock Doctors recommend and install Honeywell, Stelpro, Dimplex and Convectair programmable products.