Surge Protection System for Your Home

With nearly everything having some sort of computer-driven electronic component, surge protection systems are a necessity and no longer just a luxury of the technophile.

To best protect your entire home and its contents you require several components that make up a complete surge system. Here is a breakdown of the various parts of a surge system that makes up surge protection for your home.

Surge Protection on the Breaker Panel
Surge protection system | Panel surge protection

Panel mount surge protection is installed on the panel box itself and is connected to its own breaker. This unit protect your system from externally created surges. These can be created by lightning strikes, transformer failures, car accidents and storms which cause high voltage wires to touch and create a surge which then runs through the common grid and into your home.

Surge Protection On Air Conditioning And Hot Tub Breaker Boxes

Both air conditioning compressors and hot tub circulating motors cause surges every time they cycle on/off. Surge protectors mounted at the safety disconnect box protect your home from these internally created surges. Outside air conditioning units are also prime targets for nearby strikes from lightning to enter your home.

Surge Protection Receptacles

These specialty outlets are perfect for washing machines, microwaves, fridges, communication and entertainment systems, and home office applications. They replace regular outlets and can be purchased with alarms that let you know when the surge protection has taken a devastating surge and needs replacement.

Phone Line And Cable Surge Protection

These units are installed where the lines enter your home to prevent external surges that can come in on these lines from ruining the attached equipment .

Well Pump Wiring Surge Protection

In areas where drilled wells are used for water supply the well casing is a good conductor of lightning. Should lightning strike the ground nearby, the energy travels to the well casing and then in through the well pump wiring. Surge protection is installed before the well control system to protect the house from this external surge.

A Critical Tip on Surge Protection
Any surge protection relies on a home’s grounding system. This must be a Code Compliant ground electrode (rods, plate, metallic underground municipal water supply or ground conductor encased in concrete); a bonding jumper across the municipal water meter and a water-pipe-to-gas-pipe bonding jumper. This grounding system should be verified by a licensed electrician to ensure that it is complete and intact. When working properly, all surges will be harmlessly drained through the protection equipment and dispersed to ground.