Panel Rejuvenation – Is Your Electrical Panel a Candidate?

Panel rejuvenation is a “tune-up” of an existing service panel that brings it up to the current Electrical Safety Authority standards. Is your Electrical Panel a Candidate?

Electrical Panel Rejuvenation consists of these Six Items:

  1. Removing the ground, neutral and line conductors from their respective connection points in the panel. Remaking the connections in a professional configuration and tightening to ESA specifications for the particular panel.
  2. Replacement of any breakers that are damaged or oversized for the wires they protect.
  3. Install duct seal – a pliable product that prevents condensation from entering and damaging the panel through the main conduit connecting the panel to the outside meter base.
  4. Closing any opening in the panel sides or front to keep out fingers or “critters”
  5. Clearly & accurately labelling the panel legibly and permanently in ink.
  6. Installation of panel mount surge protection unit.

Four Parameters your Panel needs to meet to be eligible for Panel Rejuvenation

  1. Must be no older than 15 years.
  2. Must be manufactured by FPE; Cutler-Hammer; Eaton or Square D to be eligible for 10 year guarantee.
  3. Must be manufactured by ITE; Gould or Siemens to be eligible for lifetime guarantee.
  4. Must be visually inspected and thermo-scanned by a Shock Doctor Master Electrician to determine if panel has pre-existing safety problem or hazardous defect.

Benefits of Electrical Panel Rejuvenation

  1. Panel rejuvenation provides peace-of-mind that your panel is safe and able to distribute the power in your home effectively.
  2. Takes the guess work out of what each breaker controls.
  3. Provides an iron-clad guarantee covering the electrical panel and breakers.
  4. Provides a Letter of Compliance for insurers and future appraisers; financiers or purchasers of your home.
  5. Protection of your wiring system from external surges from neighbouring faulty electrical equipment; faults on the utility lines and lightning.

FAQ’s about Electrical Panel Rejuvenation

  1. Why can’t the panel be older than 15 years? Once a panel has reached 15 years of service it is closing in on its maximum expected life. Replacement is a much more proactive measure for older panels.
  2. Can a fuse panel be rejuvenated? No, it has been 30 years since a residential fuse panel has been on the market. It is always best practice to replace any fuse panel. Insurance companies are particularly unhappy with fuse panels.
  3. Is the guarantee transferable? Yes, there is a sticker on the panel when it is rejuvenated that informs the next owners of the guarantee expiry date.
  4. How do I get service on my rejuvenated panel? In the unlikely event you need service on your rejuvenated panel you simply call The Shock Doctors at 705-326-4333 and your call will be answered live by either our office or the on-call electrician after hours.